Whether you’re craving extra confidence or ready to redesign your life, here’s an important truth when it comes to seeing your own shimmer get stronger:

Beauty is found in the ability to be a reflection of love.

As with anything shiny, your brightness grows while uncovering the person that you were truly created to be. I’d love to cheer you on as we watch this become your own reality!


How It Works

You walk in the door and set down your things while saying hello to our sweet therapy dog, Sadie.

Make yourself comfy (might I recommend the lounge chair?) and then get started on a quick journaling prompt while I pop into the kitchen to mix us a healthy tonic to drink. After catching up, I’ll give you some choices for the session: inner-voice coaching or one of my targeted growth exercises that we can work on together.

The hour that follows is a deep-dive conversation about your current challenges and desires, with some inspiration and creativity thrown in for good measure. We’ll wrap up with a writing project that you can start on at home and I’ll send you with a “resource recap” filled with things I know you’d love.

Our times ends in prayer (or guided meditation, if you’d prefer) and I promise you’ll leave feeling calmer and more confident than when you arrived.


Helping you get clear about your purpose is my life’s greatest joy and I can’t wait to see you find your own bright spot in the sun.


See The Space


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Casa de Pepper is located in the heart of Belmont Shore. Jessie’s mentoring sessions are held in the sunny front room of a 1930’s beach bungalow that is filled with charm and fully-stocked with healthy treats. The exact address will be provided after booking.

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