pepperbrunch by kat harris

pep talk

One 60 minute session of one-on-one mentoring with Jessie.

Packed full of the encouragement, resources + accountability you need to find your bright spot in the sun.

Interested? Here's a bit more about my virtual mentoring process.

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virtual style session

We've all got a handful of closet conundrums, and I'd love to be the one that gets to help you sort them out.

You’ll come prepared with 1-3 style questions or “challenge pieces" from your existing wardrobe, and we’ll meet via webcam to discuss how to make it work for your desired lifestyle + your current day-to-day. 


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virtual styling sessions
closet consultant in long beach

closet consult (in-person)

When was the last time you glanced down at your outfit and wanted to high-five yourself for looking so cute?

(If it happened this morning, please text me a photo immediately!)

For those who may be struggling to love what they see when they look in the mirror or the closet -- I would LOVE to spend some time with you, and I'm positive that we can make this happen together.


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personal mentorship

Six one-hour mentoring sessions with Jessie, plus an additional 30 minute follow-up call at the end of the series.  

This in depth series is meant to walk you through the signature Pepperologie approach, while providing the guidance you need to create your own version of a happy, healthy + flavorful life. 

*Most mentorships last for a period of three months, but on-going rates are absolutely available.


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Jessie Artigue was born to be a big-sister...

Her career started at age seven when Brother Joey came along, and it was then that she realized: she could not have been created for anything else. 

After noting that most little brothers don’t respond well to being dolled up and paraded around the neighborhood like a babydoll, she began her quest to find a tribe of gal-pals that would stick around for life.

In grade school, she babysat everything from cats to cousins to neighborhood kids, and "finally" began formal leadership training at age 12.

(Enrolling because it was the only way they'd let her teach Sunday School. Ended up being the perfect fit for her sisterly goals!)

By the time she began college, Jessie had mentored dozens of girls through various community, church & school related programs... A very special few from the younger set are still her dearest friends to this very day.

As Jessie continues to build her reach and vision, she loves knowing that the desire to cheer on a tribe of little sisters is inspired by her own mentors who generously invest love & guidance into her ever-learning self.  

The chance to pass that gift along to her Pepper Girls has been one of the brightest spots of her entire life, and she feels so blessed to embrace it as a part of her diverse career.

Find Jessie's professional experience here.