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pep talk

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You and me, Sugar. 

Here's our chance to sit down for an online Pep Talk where you can pick my brain about anything weighing down on that sweet heart of yours.  

Popular topics include any combination of our foundational Pepperologie Ingredients, but these sessions are really meant to serve up the clarity that comes from a heart-to-heart with someone who wants you to thrive. (That's me!)

Common conversations I have with clients: 

  • “I'm always overwhelmed.” — Let’s sort through what you’re working on and press forward with a plan
  • “I wish my work had more impact.” — Naming and pursuing your purpose is the best way to make a splash.
  • “I want to feel more confident.” — Reflect your real self by building your life around the truth.
  • “I have no idea how to get healthy.” — We’ll take a look at your current goals, and pick easy changes that work within your own day-to-day.

These fast-paced sessions last for one hour and are meant to help you findjust the feedback you need to be resource-ready for your brilliant next steps. 

Looking for a bundled rate? Check out our full mentorship option.

Current scheduling options: Tuesdays, Wednesdays + Thursdays between 3pm - 6pm PST.  (Need an exception? Let's chat.)